About us

How to earn a BEER from CAZEXCHANGE?

Cazexchange is coming with a slogan of BE BEERISH not BEARISH, to justify we will be rewarding the most active traders over a period of monthly and announce the winners and give them BEER coupons.
If you are non – Alcoholic, we will be providing you with food tokens.
We will announce the winners of the current month in the first week of the following month.

How to earn BTC/ETH through CAZEXCHANGE?

CAZEXCHANGE is giving you a chance to earn, and what you have to do for this is to refer a coin/token and make them list on CAZEXCHANGE. While the coin/token fill out the listing form on the exchange, they need to enter your email and on successful listing, we will get back to you asking you for your details to give away the reward.


The number of people selected for BEER giveaway remains under the discretion of management of CAZEXCHANGE. The giveaway will increase proportional to the total volume on the exchange.
Coin developers to note that they should make any listing payments except from the communications from the official mail, support@cazexchange.com