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A two-factor authentication function is an additional resource that allows you to access your account, even if someone knows their password. When you log in to your account, you will be offered two pieces of information: your password and a 6-digit authentication code. A new authentication code is generated every 30 seconds by an authentication application. We strongly recommend that all our users enable this security feature to prevent any potential unauthorized access to their accounts. This function is necessary to ensure the security of your assets, so please take the time to set it up as soon as possible.

You need to provide KYC data, account login, as well as data of the latest currency deposits and withdrawals.

Absolutely! The security of our clients' personal data and security is our main priority. We use advanced methods and technologies in the field of security. We have implemented two- factor authentication technology to protect your accounts, which helps to ensure the reliability of our exchange. Security Resourced Focused : Security is a top priority in every decision. A comprehensive approach to protecting your investments by building sophisticated measures to ensure and leverage cold wallet storage, strong two-factor authentication support to additional security features. We provide multiple layers of protection on every situation where funds are involved. Enabling two factor authentication on your account is strongly recommended. Safe Coin Storage : High percentage of deposits are kept in distributed cold storage while still being withdrawals immediately always on demand. Automated processes enable a secure platform powered by the best Information Security derived guidelines and practices. Information Security :All sensitive account information is encrypted at rest at both the system and data level. Access is strictly controlled, monitored and intensively reviewed. Multi-Signature Wallet Management : Multi-Signature Address enables fund spending if, commonly, only 2 out of 3, signatures were provided. Eliminates a single point of failure Other Security Features  2FA (Google Authenticator) to keep your account secure  Email confirmations for withdrawals with self-serve account lock  Customizable, granular API key permissions with range boundaries  SSL encryption to protect you when browsing Cazexchange  Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious activity  Sensitive data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit  High priority 24/7 live chat and email support for urgent concerns

The trading fee is 0.1% BTC deposit is free,withdrawl fee is 0.0012BTC,Minimum Withdrawal 0.002BTC ETH deposit is free,withdrawl fee is 0.01ETH, Minimum Withdrawal 0.02ETH.

For the convenience of our users, we have a customer support service that works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without breaks and holidays. If you have any question, wish or suggestion, our specialists are always ready to help you with any problem, and also to listen to suggestions for improving the service.